SMS Journals Video Abstract Award

Past Award Recipients

Founder‐inventors and their investors: Spurring firm survival and growth
Carolin Häussler, Maria Hennicke, and Elisabeth Mueller
From Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal Article "Founder–inventors and their investors: Spurring firm survival and growth"

Pro Bono as a Human Capital Learning and Screening Mechanism
Vanessa Burbano
From Strategic Management Journal Article, “Pro bono as a human capital learning and screening mechanism: Evidence from law firms”

Upon the inauguration of this Award, all Video Abstracts that were submitted prior to 2018 were reviewed and the below video was selected as the Best Overall. 

Incubation of an Industry
Mahka Moeen and Rajshree Agarwal
From Strategic Management Journal Article
“Incubation of an industry: Heterogeneous knowledge bases and modes of value capture”

SMS Video Abstracts

Award Overview

The SMS Journals Video Abstract Award was established in 2019 by SMS Media Innovations to promote the development of high-quality video abstracts for research published in SMS Journals. It is open to all authors of accepted articles in any of the three SMS journals that have submitted a video abstract to be included with their Article of Record. All journal abstracts can be found in playlists on the SMS YouTube channel.

Best Video Abstract of 2020

The Lean Startup Method

Michael Leatherbee and Riitta Katila
"The lean startup method: Early-stage teams and hypothesis-based probing of business ideas"
Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal
Volume 14, Issue 4

The winner of the SMS 2020 Video Abstract Award is “The Lean Startup Method,” based on the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal article by Michael Leatherbee and Riitta Katila, “The lean startup method: Early-stage teams and hypothesis-based probing of business ideas.” Leatherbee and Katila's article tests key assumptions and a boundary condition of the lean startup approach, which has become one of the most common methods in use today to promote business innovation and entrepreneurship. Their video abstract weaves together a set of interviews with the authors and the originator of the lean startup concept, Steve Blank. The video provides a clear description of the findings of the article and has strong appeal for all of the main audiences for SMS video abstracts, including researchers, practitioners and students. Indeed, “The Lean Startup Method” was the most frequently watched SMS video from 2020.

Learn More About the Authors!

picture of Michael Leatherbee
Michael Leatherbee
Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
picture of Riitta Katila
Riitta Katila
Stanford University