Deans' Conclave

picture of CK Prahalad CK Prahalad Moderator

picture of Tarun Khanna Tarun Khanna Moderator

Deans from leading US/Europe/Asian business schools along with those from the leading Indian management schools are invited to the Deans' Conclave, a unique part of the SMS India conference. Here, we want to examine the changes in the role and function of business schools.

Will the traditional, developed market centered business school format - in both pedagogy and scholarship - continue to be appropriate? A number of outstanding deans have agreed to be panelists and initiate the discussion of the nature of changes they see in business schools and business education.


Bob Dolan

Ted Snyder

Dipak Jain

Jordi Canals

MR Rao

Shekhar Chaudhuri

Mukesh Aghi

Following the panel, there will be an exclusive deans-only session where the deans will, in small groups, debate the various issues arising out of the panel presentation and discussion. The small groups will present their conclusions to the plenary consisting of all deans. This two step process will allow all the deans to present their perspectives and actively engage among themselves in the debate. Further, we believe that bringing a large number of deans from around the world and engaging them in an active discussion will generate several new perspectives and ideas for constructive and orderly change.

Tarun Khanna and CK Prahalad will act as moderators. If you are a dean, an associate, vice or research dean, we would like you to join in this opportunity to shape the future of business schools.

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