Session Details: Session 1008

Managing Technological Innovation and R&D in Emerging Economies

Track B

Date: Saturday, December 13, 2008


Time: 11:15 – 12:30


Room: Lecture Theatre 4

Session Chair:
Krishnan Narayanan, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Title: Low Cost Pills or High End Innovation? Strategic Growth Options for Firms in Developing Market Economies


  • Florian A. Taeube, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management
  • Anu Wadhwa, Imperial College London

In this paper we present an exploratory framework that furthers our understanding of organizational transformation and strategic renewal of firms in emerging economies when faced with extreme turbulence in their institutional and regulatory contexts. We use the Indian pharmaceutical industry as an illustrative example in which firms are faced with disruptive industry level trends in the global pharmaceutical industry and extreme institutional changes in their domestic environments. This leads firms to different strategic responses which we explore with a mix of qualitative and quantitative data.

Title: Productivity Pill for Public R&D: Role of Incentives and Leadership in Transforming Indian National Laboratories


  • Prithwiraj Choudhury, Harvard University
  • Tarun Khanna, Harvard University

For 42 national labs in India, we establish that domestic and foreign patenting, patent quality as well as revenue earned from multinationals increases sharply in response to a 1994 policy change that enabled sharing of licensing revenue with scientists. We use novel hand-collected data on CSIR labs over 1993-2006 and supplement this with data from CVs of 593 senior scientists collected in year 2000. We also establish the role of leadership in this transformation; labs earn higher revenue from multinationals after change in director, a ‘random’ event triggered by superannuation rules and contractual terms at national labs. Also a few pioneer labs initiate the move towards higher U.S. patents and other labs benefit by working on joint projects with the pioneer labs.

Title: Role of Slack Resources, Mode of R&D and Aggressive Posture in Enhancing Product Patents in Indian Manufacturing Organizations


  • Roma Puri, Indian Institute of Management - Calcutta
  • Bharatendu Nath Srivastava, Indian Institute of Management - Calcutta

The study investigated the role of slack resources (available and recoverable) ; mode of conducting R&D, that is internal R&D, collaboration and partial outsourcing of R&D; and aggressive posture in the market in enhancing product patents in the last five years among Indian manufacturing organizations. The sample consisted of organization belonging to the pharmaceuticals, engineering, chemical, automobile industries. The individual impact and the combined effects of slack, mode of R&D and aggressive posture on patents granted over the past five years were explored. The results showed that mode of R&D, related diversification and aggressive posture were important determinants of patents granted. The combined effect of available slack, aggressive posture and mode of R&D had a positive impact on the number of product patents granted.

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